music mondays // twenty-eight.eleven.sixteen

(Hungover Tuesday edition)

Last Friday saw one of the biggest line-ups I've played at my residency at Cats at Rocket Bar. FKJ, Gooveman Spot, Sauce81 and Oisima all took the stage to put on one of the most musically diverse shows I've been to. Check out some of my favourite tracks/mixes/videos from the line-up below.



Grooveman Spot


music mondays // fourteen.eleven.sixteen

Nu-Mark Virgo

I've been following Nu-Mark's Zodiacs signs mix series since he started doing them and they just seem to get better everytime, his latest Virgo mix is no exception to that. 

A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service

I don't really need to say much here. Go listen to ATCQ's new album. Just do it. 

Ben Arsenal Ft Zeek - Scream

I met Ben and Zeek in Philadelphia last year through a few chance encounters and mutual friends. Long story short we ended up in the studio for a few days with the outcome being a yet to be released single. Two very talented individuals in their own right, they have come together to for Ben's new single "Scream". 

Zeek will also be appearing on my album "Actualisations" due out early next year. 

Saba - Photosynthesis 

Shazam coming through with the goods. Check out this smooth hip hop/neo-soul jam by Saba.

Music Mondays

Monday is generally the day I look for new music to play out the following weekend so I thought I'd start posting the tracks I'm feeling every Monday. Some old, some new, some so incredibly irrelevant you'll wonder why you're even reading this. 

Anyway, here's this weeks tracks. Enjoy!

Julio Bashmore - Kong

Picked this one up a couple of weeks ago. An absolute gem at 4:00 in the morning. 

Ta-Ku Ft Wafia - Love Somebody (Mr Carmack Remix)

Really digging the new direction that Mr Carmack is taking.

NxWorries - Suede (J-Louis Remix)

If you haven't yet checked the new cut "Yes Lawd!" from NxWorries you need to. Little known fact, J-Louis can't actually mess up a remix, ever. 

Sampology - Thicker Than Water/Birds of a Feather

If you missed Sampology's show at Big Window on Saturday you missed something special. There were solid vibes from Oisma's warm-up, through Sampology's set into the early hours of the morning. Check out his mixtape "Birds of a Feather" and Single "Thicker Than Water Below" 

Birds of a Feather:

Nobody Speak Video Clip

By far my favourite cut off the new DJ Shadow album, Nobody Speak has just got a crazy video release. This has to be one of the best directed clips for a hip-hop track I've seen in recent years. Check it out below.